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Created by Ere (Now Creative Director), Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics is a brand that started in Sydney by the Mexican entrepreneur. 

It is a brand inspired by her heritage, love of nature, people, and places that surround her daily.

Ere hopes all women can feel healthy and beautiful while using natural products.

The products are carefully selected premium quality ingredients (oils, plant extracts and minerals) are blended with antioxidants to create a gentle, highly effective natural make-up solution.

  • Nourishing make-up with active ingredients
  • Natural colour pigments to suit all skin types
  • Assists with sun protection
  • Does not contain perfumes or chemical colourants
  • Loaded with vitamins and organic oils
  • Premium packaging at a reasonable price
  • Not tested on animals, just family and friends

Their philosophy is that they pride themselves in supplying healthy, natural make up that suits every skin type. They carefully select their ingredients such as oils, plant, extracts and minerals and blend them with antioxidants to create gentle, highly effective, quick and easy natural make up solution.

Their Commitments:

  • They select their natural ingredients with the greatest respect for mankind and the environment
  • They never test their products on animals
  • None of their products are manufactured using child labour
  • Their products are full of natural properties that protect your skin’s beauty
  • All their natural products are made and delivered directly to the customer or store

We love Ere Perez!

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