Organic Cotton Bamboo Fabrics

Did you know that Bamboo is the fastest-growing grass?

It is capable of growing up to four feet a day! It mostly doesn't even need irrigation nor fertilizers and is grown organically. It is a great fiber since it has natural

anti-bacterial and deodorization functions, while being 100% biodegradable, It can be washed fifty times and still have these properties. Also, being a natural fiber it will always be breathable and cool.

A sustainable fabric, is all about how it is blended, dyed and processed, therefore, we can say bamboo fabrics are sustainable when treated naturally.

How is it turned into fabric?

Bamboo doesn't require the use of pesticides, but just as cotton, it needs a lot of water to be grown, making them more expensive (when organic).

This fiber, can be turned into yarn in two different ways: mechanically or chemically.

The mechanical process has very little environmental impact, and creates a lot of jobs since it has to be manually crushed and the incorporation of natural enzymes to create the cellulose which can then be combed out and spun. This process requires more intense labor and therefore is more expensive.

The chemical process involves cooking a mixture of chemical solvents (primarily sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide), being harmful to human health and to the ecosystem. 

What do you think about this fabric?

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