Eilean Brand now in Archivo Moda Mexicana

Nothing says modern sustainable fashion and socially responsible enterprise like platforms to support local and emerging fashion brands. That’s why we’re happy to announce we’ve been honored to be a part or Archivo Moda Mexicana.

Archivo Moda Mexicana is a content, promotion and record-tracking platform specialized in independent Mexican fashion brands. By means of a website, Archivo Moda Mexicana gathers contemporary fashion designers to explore what’s beneath their work and keeps tracks of their collections. It’s the first digital archive for contemporary fashion in México.

Archivo Moda Mexicana was founded by Ana Gómez and Elina Corona, two Mexican entrepreneurs with a vision of boosting local brands sales, closing geographical and cultural breaches that result in poor access to Mexican fashion.

We feel deeply grateful for being considered among the most talented brands and designers in México and to have our work and philosophy spreaded all across the country and hopefully the world. There’s no doubt together as part of the fashion industry we can create a positive impact on it for future consumers and young designers.

Find our profile in Archivo Moda Mexicana here: https://www.archivomodamexicana.com/eilean


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