Ornella Collection Spring Summer 18

When someone asks about any season inspiration, brands and designers feel forced to give a poetic response. But the way our collections are made up are inspired by daily moments. 

Ornella collection was born in tree different moments: 

The first one was when I ran into a damaged and beautiful print roll of fabric. The first thing that crossed my mind was a peacock. The texture of the fabric was so soft that I figured it could become a full jumpsuit. 

The second moment was in a conversation with one of our suppliers, she mentioned the color of the season "burnt red" The red textile made the perfect mach with my print ! ASIA! was the result of the mix&match.  

The last great moment of inspiration was during our ECO FASHION FEST at the city of Guadalajara, were we found our last inspiration piece. Our muse, Ornellla. A model whose identity and beauty gave the image to our Spring Summer season.


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