Tulum for Resort Collection

This is oficially our first resort mid season collection!

Summer time will always be the best time to visit and travel new places, keep adventure in our life and relax. This Resort collection we visited Tulum thanks to Boga Vegan, a new platform of ethic and sustainable fashion. We presented a capsule collection without leaving our sustainable soul aside. Presenting our best seller Upcycled cotton Poncho and the new resort maxidress.

We traveled with Cristina Ramella, jewelry brand inspired by traveling, with her motto: " TRAVEL THE WORLD", we made a perfect match for their Tulum bracelet. 

We learned a lot about relaxing and traveling, but the best part of the mid season was getting to know all these new platforms and brands managed by women with the same mission as ours, empowering women and make the world a better place.

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