What makes us a sustainable fashion Brand?

What makes us a sustainable Brand?

We are committed with the environment and we care about protecting it and how our work in the fashion industry impacts on it.

Fashion is the second most polluting industry after the oil industry. All the production process from the raw materials to manufacture, has a negative impact. Some of the actions that negatively impact the environment, are chemical wastes that arrive directly to landfills and socially the non ethical work situations.

So what actions make us different and a better choice for you to consume?

We work with alternative processes and fabrics, such as dyeing textiles with only natural pigments, the use of innovative textiles produced with recycled PET and cotton, and the use of repurposed textiles and organic fabrics such as bamboo, linen and cotton.

We are always looking for more sustainable materials and processes to offer only the best quality both for you and the environment.

For our production, we work with local manufacturers and textile producers, always making sure they stay ethic and with good working conditions.

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