12 Green Goals for the New Year

2020 led us to stay at home and realize all those little ways we can change our planet. The simple fact of having stopped the general market and human mobility achieved wonderful things such as the repopulation of species in certain previously deserted areas, the natural purification of ecosystems and the sighting of species that for centuries could not touch certain territories that humans used to frequent. This has motivated us to think of 12 sustainable resolutions that you can propose for this New Year and thus achieve a 2021 where the planet continues with its healing. 


1. Change your lights to LED


Something as simple as changing all the bulbs in your house from conventional light to LED lights can represent a great energy saving in your home, which will not only positively impact your electricity bill, it will also impact the planet for good by reducing CO2 emissions.

2. Save and reuse water in your house


Saving water at home is as simple as placing a bucket in your shower to collect the water that is thrown in what you take a bath, and later use this water to water your plants or wash the dishes. Always have a small tub on hand and take this big step to reuse water at home.

3. Create your own garden at home


2020 was one of the most prolific years in terms of home gardens. It became a real trend that people were curious to start planting their own food and growing their food. If this year you did not have the opportunity, this 2021 take the opportunity to start your own garden at home and implement an irrigation system with rainwater.

4. Leave disposable products in the past

With so many reusable alternatives, it's time to say goodbye to disposables like sanitary napkins, cotton swabs, and even straws. Now you can find practically any product in its reusable version to make this a cleaner planet.

5. Sustainable Mobility

Have you heard of sustainable mobility? This means that you make use of other methods besides the car as personal transportation. You can use public transport, share a car with other people who go to the same area (carpooling) and even take your bike to go to nearby places.

6. Give you clothes a second life

We all have a closet full of clothes that we no longer use and probably will not use again. With this in mind, it's time to give your clothes a second life and take them to bazaars, barter for new clothes or even donate them to people in greater need who can take advantage of them.

7. Make your own compost 


Composting your own compost is not only a great way to get rid of your own organic garbage, it is also the perfect way to compost your garden and your personal garden, if you have one.

8. Consume local


You may wonder why or how is it that consuming locally can help the environment. The closer a product is to you or the easier you can track the origin of your item, it means that the carbon footprint involved is much lower than if you bought products that come from the other side of the world.

9. Avoid non recyclables


Stay away at all costs from products that come in non-recyclable packaging. More and more brands have turned around and produce returnable packaging or made with recycled material, so not having alternatives is no longer an excuse for you.

10. Control your body teperature in a natural way 

It is very common that you want to use air conditioning and heating to regulate your temperature when the climates are extreme. But we recommend that you resort to natural temperature regulation through clothing: if you are very hot, wear less clothing and if you are cold, cover yourself with more clothing instead of automatically resorting to a device that contributes to the greenhouse gas effect on the surface of the earth.

11. Reduce use of plastic

This point is almost redundant, but we couldn't not mention that the use of plastic should be reduced to the maximum. Instead, try to buy glass, metal or wooden containers that are much easier to recycle or give a second life on your own, as well as being more resistant and less harmful to your health.

12. Consume more organic

Finally we want to invite you to consume more organic products. Beyond the benefits that this can bring to your body, the consumption of organic products ensures that you do not contribute to companies that use chemicals and pesticides that damage the subsoil and the environment.
Now that you have 12 great ideas for making changes in 2021, which one are you going to start with?

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