Since our forming as a company, at Eilean Brand we have sought not only to comply with the standards of ethical and sustainable fashion, but also to be the first to go beyond any brand and explain the reason for our processes. That is why we decided to offer radical transparency as one of our pillar values. For us this means being completely honest with every step of our production until the moment our pieces reach our customers.  


For Eilean Brand, being sustainable is only the first step and the first reason to have a fashion brand. We know that we have a commitment to the planet by being part of one of the most polluting industries; however we want to shed light on the fact that our commitment is also with society. Our brand is an active member of Fashion Revolution, a global non-profit movement that seeks to turn the fashion industry into an industry that conserves and restores the environment and values ​​people above work and profits. 

 To further diversify our responsibility and our ethical scope as a company, we have adopted the ethical approach; in which we define ourselves as a company that values ​​each of those involved in the maquila, production, design and each of the company's areas, resulting in fair wages that never go below the economic needs of the company. To generate a balance that makes us profitable, we have carefully determined our prices, which each have a because.

We do not want to classify ourselves as a brand that sins from doing greenwashing, so we make sure that all of our processes are carried out in an environmentally friendly way. From the moment we choose the raw material it must have an organic, recycled, salvaged or regenerated origin, to the final quality of the garment produced. For Eilean Brand, a meticulously made garment is a piece of better quality and greater durability, and these elements can translate into greater sustainability.



Something that large corporations are often afraid of, we make sure to make it the new norm. At Eilean we demonstrate our radically transparent prices through figures and graphs that explain the why for each dollar of the value of our products. No hidden figures, no inflated prices, what you see is what you get.


A great weak point among sustainable brands is that they are constantly questioned about the prices of their garments, mistakenly wanting to compare them with fast fashion brands. It is important to remember that fast fashion reduces the cost of textiles by choosing low-quality material, reduces the cost of labor by underpaying it to the point of labor exploitation, and looks for all possible ways to increase its net profit. Eilean, as an ethical brand, makes use of the highest quality textiles whose creation process is usually higher, likewise we work with local labor who receive a fair pay, which is added to the cost of the garments we sell.



Like any company, and especially one that is part of the supply chain, we have a carbon footprint. Another commitment that we never set aside is to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. That is why we work with textile companies in the region and make the least amount of large shipments possible so that we impact the planet as little as necessary with the emission of gases.