3 Tips to Improve Your Fall Looks

The seasons are changing and with that comes new trends and different outfits. However, this year most of the fall trends are already in your closet! We know it’s tempting to shop for the newest looks every celebrity is wearing, but your wallet will thank you if you follow these tips:


1.Check your closet for these trends:

-Button Up Blouse

-Plaid: pants or flannels 

-Sets (in 2021 we are not down with sets!)

-Bright Colors 


2.Style and Layer 

That fabulous button up top that you have? You must know it's a classic and will forever be on trend. No matter if it's white, black or patterned it will always be a great look. For fall the best thing to do is glamour it up with statement jewelry pieces, layer a coat over it or a turtleneck underneath. You can also play around with tucking it into a high waisted pant or leave it loose with a few buttons undone at the top for some skin to show.


3. Add a 3rd Piece

The matching set that was your uniform for quarantine? Still works! Just add a third layer to your set to complete the look. The third piece could be a jean jacket, a blazer, some chunky boots or a scarf. Play around in your closet and see what works best. If your set is a bright fun color, even better! Fun colors like lilacs, greens and pinks are totally trending for the fall. 



Have fun styling your closet! And don't forget the most sustainable piece of fashion is the one already in your closet  😉



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