5 classic pieces your Mom would LOVE in her closet

With Mothers Day around the corner, at Eilean we have been reflecting on how much our mothers have inspired us and supported us to grow into the women we are today. Not only did they give us valuable life tips, but they have always been our very own fashion icons. Most of us have memories of watching our mothers get ready for work or for a night out. I have vivid memories of being a young girl watching my mother curl her hair, apply her lipstick and slide on her heels to match her perfect dress. Our childhood albums aren't complete without a picture of us trying on our moms oversized heels and attempting our first runway walk on wobbly legs. 
Although we may not realize it, our mothers have formed our ideas about what fashion and beauty is. From the beginning they were the ones choosing our style and outfits and slowly they allowed us to grow into our own style and define our beauty. Our mothers have centuries of fashion under their belt and have lived through many evolving trends. Because of this our moms closets have always been without fail amazing places for inspiration and last minute outfit saves.  
There have been various times that my moms closet has provided the perfect piece to complete my outfit, whether it be adding one of her classic accessories or basing my look on one of her gorgeous dresses. I would be lying if I said there weren't a few pieces I’ve had my eye on from my moms closet that I would love to steal. I’m also guilty of buying my mom a top or jewelry for Mothers Day and then ended up using it for myself. Thankfully my mom has usually always allowed me to borrow her pieces as long as I ask first! 


Here are 5 classic pieces your mom would love to have in her closet:



1. Butterfly Bouse


2. Top Victoria


3. Freebird Dress

4. Top Uno

5. Top Dos

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