5 pieces in your closet that are trending in 2021

In the first few days of 2021, lists of style trends may have bombarded you for the New Year. Most of these lists fill us with an urge to purchase or a feeling that we NEED to have these things or we will be behind. But at Eilean Brand we want to remind you that fast fashion and constantly evolving trends shouldn’t be the way we start a new year. 2020 showed us that we all have to slow down and appreciate what we have more than ever.

In 2021 our suggestions are to continue the sustainable lifestyle. Which means buying local, buying second hand, revamping vintage pieces, and purchasing items with sustainable and up cycled textiles. Here is our list of pieces that could be essential in your closet throughout every season in 2021:

1.White Button Up

A white button up shirt is a classic piece to have in your closet. It’s appropriate for the work place or for a casual picnic with friends. Pair with jeans or skirts, layer it with a turtleneck underneath or with an oversized sweater or blazer on top. The white button up is a blank canvas that you can choose to style and accessorize in your own way for all of 2021 and beyond.

2. Bucket Hat

Yes, you read that right. The infamous bucket hat is a trend that is proving it is here to stay. From celebrities to the streets its presence is everywhere. Althought it has a lot of haters, we suggest you get a little adventurous and try one on if you never have. You may be suprised by this fun and fucntional accesory. Since this hat entered the fashion scene in the 90's you may also be able to find it in thrift shops or online vinatge shops to purchase second hand. The beauty of bucket hats is that you can find them in almost any color or print to match your style and it can be used in every single season! Combine it with your swimsuit or your sweaters and join the #BucketHatClub

2. Turtlenecks 

The turtlneck is an essential life long piece that wont ever go out of style. Not only is it the most functinal for keeping you warm, but it is also the best tool to be come he Queen of layering. You can find turtlenecks in lighter or thicker fabrics to adjust based on the weather.  From thin fabrics to oversized chunky turtleneck sweaters, you can never go wrong with this piece. Dont be afraid of patterned turtlenecks either, sometimes a simple slip dress or black t-shirt only requires a flashy turtleneck underneath to elevate the look.



4. Mom Jeans

You most likely already have this piece in your closet, so you are set! These high waisted jeans are another lifetime style piece that will never go out of style. Mom jeans are flattering on most body types and can be styled with everything you already own, like t-shirts, crop tops, oversized sweaters, sneakers or boots. If you're looking for different shades or styles of mom jeans we suggest shopping at a local thrift shop or having a clothes swap with friends or family.


5. Facemasks​

Yes, the facemask is an accesory that we unfortunately cannot leave behind in 2020. So we might as well make it a fun piece to add to our looks. Whethere youre a KN95 type of gal or a printed facemask type of gal, remember safety an functionality first. At Eilean Brand, we have masks made out of upcycled textiles from previous pieces we have made. Shop now to complete your looks in 2021! 

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