Certified Cotton

Within the variety of textiles that we use for our collections you will find certified cotton. It is well known that cotton is one of the most used textiles around the world for its benefits and softness. However, this does not guarantee that the cotton you buy is part of a sustainable and responsible creation. In fact, making a single conventional cotton T-shirt can hold up to 2,700 liters of water. That is why we make sure to work exclusively with cotton that is certified. 
This type of cotton is produced in a special way under the highest official standards of textile manufacturing. For the creation of certified cotton, the least possible use is made of the natural resources that represent the most pollution for the planet. This almost artisanal elaboration is kept away from the waste of energy and water. This natural process results in a lower environmental impact, specifically in air pollution, a reduction of up to 88% in water consumption and up to 62% less energy consumption

Algodón Certificado

At Eilean, we use certified cotton lycra for some of our products, which by the way are the most comfortable garments for all kinds of activities, from being at home to practicing yoga. This cotton textile is certified with the highest standards in energy and water saving. The textiles that we choose are made with technology that allows us to make all the weaving and dyeing processes more efficient, so that they result in a much more sustainable textile, which in addition to looking incredible has an unsurpassed quality, which allows us to create more durable garments that contribute to the slow fashion process. 

Our certified cotton textile is purchased from local producers in Guanajuato, Mexico; and it is part of a process that combines tradition with innovation and science that benefits the environment while promoting a better quality of life for all those involved in its production. 

Being part of the change can be as simple as starting to wear garments that are made in the most respectful and responsible way with the environment. Check out our collection of clothing made in certified cotton here.

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