Astrology and Fashion

Throughout the years Astrology has had an influence in the world of fashion. Countless designers have included astrology symbols in their pieces and fashion magazines have included monthly horoscopes. Astrologer, Susan Miller, has a famous website called and she was interviewed by i-D discussing the obsession that fashion has always had with astrology.


In the interview Miller stated that most of her website followers included editors, designers and stylists. “The people who love astrology are the most creative people. An artist knows what's coming before the general public knows...certain signs are particularly good at this: Pisces and Libra. You find a lot of Libran editors and a lot of designers within Pisces. Leo has a masterful use of color and great confidence in one’s sense of what’s coming.”


At Eilean we are definitely not professional astrologers, but we are certainly a creative team that enjoys learning about each zodiac sign and how the personality traits of each sign can often be reflected in the clothes they wear. Although we also believe that with the right amount of confidence and comfort, anyone can get away with anything they choose to wear. 


Fun Fact: The Eilean team is mainly made up of fire (Sagittarius and Leo’s) and earth (Taurus and Virgo) signs. Fire signs are known for their passion, energy and enthusiasm and earth signs are known for their practicality, realism and stability. With these two powerful elements our team is very well balanced and is always flowing with creativity and a solid work ethic. 


We were inspired by each sign of the zodiac to create an Eilean look based on their personality traits and associated color palette of the 12 signs. 


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Aries: Bold, Dynamic, Innocent, Direct and Joyful



Taurus: Generous, Loyal, Sturdy, Resourceful and Sensual


Gemini: Curious, Quick, Playful, Adaptive and Observant


Cancer: Intuitive, Protective, Creative, Perceptive and Gentle


Leo: Proud, Talented, Warm, Jovial and Caring


Virgo: Calm, Thoughtful, Willful, Devoted and Wise


Libra: Charming, Peaceful, Tactful, Fair and Refined


Scorpio: Deep, Passionate, Brave, Intimate and Open


Sagittarius: Fascinated, Bright, Smooth, Purposeful and Quirky


Capricorn: Grounded, Driven, Supportive, Honest and Prepared


Aquarius: Abstract, Analytical, Expressive, Altruistic and Brilliant 


Pisces: Empathetic, Creative, Fluid, Dreamy and Helpful

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