Baby Steps to Leave Fast Fashion Forever

Nowadays it is extremely easy to be tempted by the prices and the wide variety that fast fashion stores offer. We cannot deny that these types of brands reach the deepest part of your mind, since they offer us multiple clothing options at a price not to be believed. 

Despite how attractive fast fashion sounds, you have to take into account the repercussions that this type of shopping has on the environment. Buying cheaper clothes ends up being more expensive. Let's not forget that when we buy a garment, the real price is not always reflected on the label. You have to consider the resources used, such as water, energy and land, among other factors.

Currently, many companies are betting on sustainable fashion to reduce their impact on the environment. “Slow fashion”, for example, consists of recycling and reusing fabrics to avoid the harmful process that a garment goes through. Its main objective is to avoid the enormous contamination that is generated when creating a new product and to raise awareness of the benefits of implementing this change. 

We want to help you lead a greener life and that is why we propose these baby steps to help reduce little by little the environmental impact of our purchases: 

Think carefully about your decision

When buying something, evaluate if your consumerist side is acting or if you really need it. In most cases, we get caught up in desire and end up buying things we don't need. Therefore, buy less and use more of what you already have in your closet. 

Contemplate the Second Hand

Break away once and for all with prejudices about second-hand clothes, and give yourself the opportunity to consume clothes that is in good condition, accessible and fashionable. For fans of trends, it is a way to get the clothes you want without having to pay a fortune for them and recycling what someone else no longer uses. 

Consume Eco-Friendly and Sustainable brands

As ecologically responsible people, we must promote the effort that these companies make to undertake the slow fashion industry. Although the price may be a slightly higher, we are contributing to our surroundings. 

Rent clothes

Generally, when we have an important event, we tend to buy a specific piece that we will use only on that occasion. By renting clothes, we have unlimited options and we do not acquire something that will be forgotten in our closet. 

Read the labels well

It is important that you read the information on the clothes you wear. In this way we can become aware of the materials used and the damage that this garment may have generated.

These steps can help you to incorporate certain habits that on a smaller or larger scale will bring changes to the environment and do not mean a great personal effort. Sustainable fashion is here to stay and it is up to us to support these types of ideas and ventures to give them strength and stability in today's business.  

It is up to each person to adopt small changes in their day-to-day life, and to make them a lifestyle. 

"In nature there are no rewards or punishments, there are consequences." - Bob Ingersoll

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