Becoming A Minimalist Starting From Your Wardrobe

Lately we've been noticing how the minimalist movement has grown. Minimalism is a lifestyle that brings numerous benefits you your life and to your impact in the environment.

If you are interested in adopting a more minimalist lifestyle, we hope this information helps you. We've found it easier to start taking small steps into simplifying your life, rather than making a radical change all at once. 

So let's start from your wardrobe:

We will make our closet minimalist in 4 simple steps including planing, cleaning, replacing and repeating. 

This process is emotionally very hard but highly rewarding! The goal is to have a simple wardrobe with only clothes that you'll actually wear. 

This will benefit you in your daily life instantly! We spend a lot of energy and time every single day in deciding what to wear, which takes time and energy from other more important decisions you might have to make during the day. 

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, used to have an extreme minimalist wardrobe for this exact reason! He didn't want to waste energy and time deciding on what to wear, so he would dress everyday the same, becoming a personal statement. 

The architect Mike Davis, only dresses in red. And like this examples, we have many creatives that decide to put all their effort in their work rather than in dressing up differently everyday.

For women specially, the main problem of a minimalist wardrobe is when they have special events, but don't worry! Nowadays there are many dress rental establishments, which offer a great variety of sizes, styles and brands, making it cheaper, more eco-friendly and easier for you to dress different to every event without the need of buying a dress for every occasion. 

If renting is not your thing, you can also borrow or own a simple dress that with the help of accessories, you make it different every time.

And to make it even easier for you, here is a more specific guide to cleaning your closet.

Use this chart to decide with every piece if you must recycle it (instead of throwing away, you can recycle in stores that have adopted this system or in a recycling center), keep it, donate, exchange or sell, and even fix.

If you are not sure wether to keep or give away, you can put your clothes into trial, in which you separate them and if you don't wear them in the next 3-6 months, they go out.

Want to plan your new wardrobe with pieces from Eilean? Here is an example of a minimalist wardrobe using only our brand, applied to women, but remember we have also our Men collection. You can start with these pieces and just add some other pieces from our new collection to create many looks from combining with these pieces.

Our #WeCare blouse is great for spring and summer. It is fresh and goes great with our Bamboo Trousers. You can wear it with a jacket or a blazer to make it look different from time to time.

Our bamboo Blouse comes in black and white. They go great for everyday basics, anytime of the year and gives your a comfortable yet versatile look for either going out (can also be worn as a mini dress) or going to work.

Our Bamboo Trousers, are comfortable and very versatile. You can wear them in both a casual and a formal outfit and you'll look stunning!


For a formal look, you can go for our Tepetate Dress, you can accessorize it differently every time and look stunning. 

 Give it a try and write to us about your experience to win a special giveaway. (Tell us about how this process went for you and how you felt, as well as some pics of the before and after results!)

Now that your wardrobe is minimal, you can now follow the same guide to every space in your home. If you don't need it or it doesn't make you really happy, it is time to make it go away.

Repeat all these steps into your working space and any other areas in your life. Having your environment in order, will make it super simple to adopt now a minimalist way of thinking and acting.

Here is our 30 day challenge into a minimalist life:

Day 1: Clean your wardrobe. Follow what you've read so far.
Day 2: Clean the rest of your home, following the same process.
Day 3: Clean your work space.
Day 4: Clean your handbag, backpack and/or portfolio.
Day 5: Reduce your social media. There are many apps nowadays with similar features. Choose maximum 3 and delete the rest.
Day 6: Reduce your devices. We sometimes have a computer, laptop, tablet, and more than one smartphone, plus an mp3 player. Reduce to a minimum.
Day 7: Limit your device usage. Establish times to use and to not use your devices.
Day 8: Dedicate 30 minutes to meditate.
Day 9: Compliment at least 10 people around you.
Day 10: Write in a journal about you. What you like, what you don't like, how your life is, how you want it to be, your plans, 10 good things about you, 10 things you could make better about you, etc.
Day 11: Donate old books.
Day 12: In your  journal, start a gratitude log. Write at least 5 things you're thankful for.
Day 13: Evaluate your 5 last purchases.
Day 14: Go Offline for a day.
Day 15: Don't spend any money for 24 hours.
Day 16: Don't complain for a day.
Day 17: Go out without your phone.
Day 18: Have an outdoor activity. (Picnic, camping, walk, etc.)
Day 19: Start a balanced and healthy diet.
Day 20: Start to exercise for 30-60 minutes a day, everyday.
Day 21: Complete a to-do list.
Day 22: Eliminate toxic relationships and people around you.
Day 23: In your journal, write down your daily routine and simplify it as much as possible.
Day 24: Do at least 3 good deeds.
Day 25: Plan your weekly meals and do a grocery list with only what you'll need based on your plan.
Day 26: Practice mono-tasking.
Day 27: Schedule your day. Include your personal and work time and stick to it!
Day 28: Plan your morning and night rituals.
Day 29: Be media free after 8 pm
Day 30: In your journal write down your experience following this challenge and describe what you want to keep as part of your lifestyle.
Day 31: Do it all again!

We hope this was helpful to you. There are many articles, documentaries and information about minimalism. Please share with us your experience.

Thanks for caring, 



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