Capsule Collection

Capsule Collection: A selected amount of clothing pieces in your closet that are your most worn items that are flexible for every day of your lifestyle. Generally made up of your favorite pieces that can be worn in multiple ways in varying outfits of every season. The goal for a capsule closet is editing your closet down to a more user friendly and sustainable space for you


How do I start? 

To begin a capsule collection you must always start with what is already in your closet. Go through each piece individually and if it is not a piece worn within the last 6 months to a year then put it in the maybe give away pile. To guide our future clothes spending habits it is helpful to look through what is already in our closet and the patterns in how we wear pieces. Once you’ve gone through each piece and edited down the pieces that you feel great in and wear regularly you will notice what is possibly missing in your closet. At this point you can mindfully purchase new pieces from sustainable brands or second hand stores to complete your capsule closet. Instead of an atemporal closet collection, may also choose to have a capsule closet for each season or split the year into two seasons. This way each capsule can be more selective and allow for more flexibility.

Once you have a capsule collection fit to your lifestyle the key is to take care of those pieces so they can last longer and you can keep wearing them.

Benefits of a Capsule Closet


Less Shopping

Mindfully creating a capsule collection will save you money on unnecessary shopping trips. In this society we are constantly being bombarded by messages to consume and we must actively think sustainably about what we actually need. 

Less Clutter

With a capsule collection you should be able to look into your closet and clearly see every single piece that you own. Often in cluttered closets we forgot about shirts and jeans that we own. Lack of clutter allows you to pick pieces quickly and create outfits in record time. When your collection is easily visible it makes you aware of everything you actually own. 

More Creativity

Having less options makes us think more creatively about our clothes. Capsule collection is a powerful tool that teaches us that we can do more with less. Challenge and expand your styling skills with your closet. 

Tip: Take daily outfit pictures to keep a record of your multiple combos

Getting Dressed Made Easier 

Gone are the days where you stare into your closet every morning thinking “I have nothing to wear!”. Every piece of your capsule is specifically chosen to quickly create functional and cute outfits for your lifestyle. Save time on picking out an outfit and make yourself a coffee instead.


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