Comfy is Here to Stay

 How have your shopping habits changed since a global quarantine occurred?

You most likely stopped going to the mall and taking outfit pics in the dressing room. Most of the world stopped having events to go to that required new outfits.

However, the global pandemic surely didn’t stop us from shopping.

Browsing online stores became the new window-shopping, but maybe your online shopping searches started to look different. Our search bars evolved from jeans, heels, dresses, and jewelry and instead consisted of loungewear to work from home or cute sweatpants to watch Netflix in. If this was you, you are not alone.

All over the world shopping habits changed, but they did not necessarily stop. We shifted towards a need of more comfortable clothing, but still wanted to look and feel good while we were at home. The era of athleisure wear has been booming, but pandemic wear is a bit different.

We didn’t necessarily want to wear the classic tight leggings and instead we opted for more breathable and cozy pieces to wear. We craved a loose robe to make our coffee in, breathable cotton pants to attend our zoom meetings, and cozy underwire free bras to lounge on the couch with.


Currently as the world begins to slowly shift back into a previous sense of normalcy, lets not forget how good we felt in our comfy clothing at home.

And not only did we feel good, but we also looked great.


Crystal Medina

IG: @Crystal_Medinaaa

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