How to Consciously Buy Sales

The end of the year is approaching and it becomes almost a duty to see both physical and online stores packed with the most attractive discounts; some competing with others to attract the attention of the consumer by offering discounts that can go up to 80%, 2x1 and sometimes up to a surprising 4x1, not to mention the months without interest and payment facilities.Although this has already become a common story for us when the discount season begins with the famous "Black Friday", the reality is that we ask little about these discounts, and if taking advantage of them makes us conscious consumers or makes us part of the problem.
Although all brands, including ours, main objective is to generate sales to maintain the business and benefit all those who are part of the project (suppliers, manufacturers, employees); the reality is that sometimes discounts end up showing the fact that in the production and supply chain there are great injustices towards all those involved.


In a team meeting that we recently had to evaluate our participation in the following commercial events to activate the economy of the country, we had an interesting debate. While we recognize how incentivizing it is for a potential customer to see discounts in our online store, we must also recognize that our brand is governed by an ethical production chain, where there is transparency about each weight that is part of the cost of a garment and, therefore, discounts carry more risk for brands like ours.

We know that we cannot compete with fast fashion brands that can lower their prices in an alarming way and still receive profits, because the manufacturing cost is minimal (which sheds light on the problem of unfair wages and cheap raw materials and little sustainability); however, we can reasonably adapt to compensate the client and give them "what they ask for" on these dates to reactivate our business.
The last thing that remains to be highlighted during this season, is despite how well or badly brands do their job, it is your responsibility to choose what type of business you will invest in. Always bet on helping local brands and even more so if they have the warmth of being open with their production process and discounts imply an effort for them.

Let's buy in an ethical way! 


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