Buying Local Creates Community

The simplicity of shopping online may have you searching brands or products that are internationally made or outsourced from different states, but have you ever searched your local creative brands?

Surely right now you are just one click away from purchasing your groceries, your outfit for the weekend and even your cat's food, but have you thought about your impact if you were to buy locally instead?

Buying local products not only helps boost your local economy, but it creates community.

Since companies like Amazon have created such an easy accessibility to objects from across the world, we have forgotten just how amazing the products from our own community are. 

Instead of looking out across the world to see what others are creating lets look inwards to support what is being made by our local creators. We can often overlook the unique and sustainable creativity that resides in our own area code.

By continuously buying unique local goods, we create a sense of pride for our local goods in our community.

We also end up creating less waste.

By cutting the costs of international shipping and packaging we limit our carbon footprint on the planet.

Buying local not only helps the creators and businesses around you but also benefits the world around you.


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