Create a Functional and Atemporal Closet


We have all experienced at least once, opening our closets full of clothes and feeling like we have nothing to wear. Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Micro-trends may be responsible for this terrible paradox, in which despite having lots of clothes, none of them feel “right”. To begin to understand this phenomenon lets break down what a trend is. A trend is an idea or current that is oriented in a certain direction; it is a social inclination towards a topic, behavior or product. Now, micro-trends refer to these more volatile predilections, which have a much shorter lifespan.


The fast-fashion industry generates micro-trends by the tons. Have you noticed how every time you visit one of these stores, they have totally different clothes? This is because instead of having four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. They have a different mini season every two weeks. This is why your purchases from last year or even last month are no longer valid, they are no longer "in fashion". Micro-trends form fads, can be all the rage for a short period of time, and disappear just as quickly.


Buying clothes that last a lifetime and never "go out of style" is possible, this is achieved by incorporating timeless garments into your closet. The timeless style does not have an expiration date, they are basic garments that you can combine in many ways. If you open your closet and feel that the clothes you have no longer represent you, relax we have some tips to change this.

1. Make sure you have your basics: solid color garments like blacks, whites, blues and nudes; they are super easy to combine, as well as being valid throughout the year. The best thing is that it does not matter if it is cold or hot, because these clothes are perfect for layering!

2. Invest in quality, not quantity: fast-fashion garments may be cheap, but with a very high environmental cost. In addition, in the long run, having low quality does not last long enough and you have to invest again. It's best to buy clothes that can accompany you throughout your life, textiles are key. Look at a textiles composition, the more cotton the better (and if it is rescued, you have already found a must have piece).

3. Accessories are the key: as we mentioned, basics are your best friend in your closet. They are versatile garments that, by adding the right accessory, can transform your outfit, from a more casual to an elegant one. On the other hand, accessories are the perfect space to show your personality and give that distinctive touch to your style.

Remember these tips, and make your closet a more conscious, responsible and above all functional space.

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