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In order to start talking about how style is influenced by identity, it is important to know what personal identity really is, and how it defines us. Generally, when we speak of personal identity we refer to something similar to self-image. But how can you create a personal identity? And how does it impact and create the style that each person uses?
The concept of personal identity refers to the meaning we give to our own unique being, different from others. It is the mental script that each person makes of the values ​​and behaviors that our culture has transmitted to us, integrating them according to our individual characteristics and our social experience. That is, the idea we have of our individuality and our belonging to certain groups.
It is not exactly a synonym for personality, character, or personal traits, but it is a concept that seems to encompass all these aspects, thus forming the "essence" of an individual. This is why dressing is an act that, although sometimes unconscious, is a constant conversation with our essence, by choosing what we are going to wear every morning we are in a certain way giving color and shape to our personality. The style tells us about the fixed characteristics of the personality, the way in which we mix the temporary with the timeless.
"Your style must be unique to you, but identifiable to others"- Anna Wintour
The clothes we wear must be a reflection of how we feel every day, each outfit can speak of a different feeling, but it will always have a fixed characteristic of our identity, which can help others to identify us, due to the nuances of our identity that are reflected day by day.
There are 5 keys that can reflect a successful style that expresses your identity:
1.What defines you? Self-knowledge is extremely important, your tastes, affinities, personality.
2.Choosing pieces of clothing that can reflect your personality, and that match your body type, activities, and values. Choose what you want to wear for yourself, not to imitate others.
3.Objectively select the elements that make up an outfit.  This can help you focus on the strengths and qualities you want to convey through your image. 
4. Expression and attitude.  Having these two can completely change how an outfit looks and how your style is.
5. Naturalness.
Ana Paola Hernandez, @pao_la.hernandez
Ana Paola Hernandez, @pao_la.hernandez




Ana Paola Hernández @pao_la.hernandez

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