A Guide to Conscious Gift Giving

The 2020 holiday season is quickly approaching and we have started to think about how we want to give gifts to our loved ones. We created a guide to help you give gifts not only from the heart, but also with our communities and our planet in mind. This holiday season join us in rethinking how and what you gift.


1. Buy Sustainable and Local 

When planning your shopping list for the holidays begin searching locally and take care in noticing what materials make up the gifts you are giving. At Eilean Brand we created Secret Santa packages that are versatile and life lasting pieces made of organic and recycled materials. Give gift sets of Scrunchies, Sleepmask and Bra, Tops made of recycled fabrics or 2020's hottest accesories: Facemasks.

2. Pre Loved

Have a dress that you wore once but don't plan on wearing it again? Instead of getting rid of it think about a cousin, friend, or aunt who may look fabulous in that dress, and would love to give it a new life in their closet. Jewelry, dresses, shoes and coats are wonderful pre loved pieces that can be given as gifts to a fresh new owner.

3. Make Art

Instead of purchasing a gift, who not create a gift? A personalized piece of art will mean so much to anyone recieving it. Add your special touch and create a gift that will last a lifetime. 

4. DIY Holiday Cards

Holiday cards are produced in mass every year. Instead of purchasing a package, why not design your own personalized cards for every special person this holiday season? This way you only produce the exact amount you need and your cards will be individualized for each specific person with love. 

5. Eco Friendly Wrapping 

Sadly, wrapping paper cannot be recycled and ends up creating tons of waste in landfills every year. Lets change up the routine and rethink how we present our gifts this year. Swap your glitter covered non recyclable paper for a sustainable and adorable tote bag. By giving gifts in a tote bag you add to the present and allow your loved one to continue reusing that bag and give it a full life. You may also choose not to wrap your gifts and adorn it with some natural flowers to add some glitz. 

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