We are the happiest to announce that this November 27 we had the opportunity to present our next creative proposal in Creáre, an event promoted by the state of Guanajuato; whose purpose is to talk about "A world with scarce resources" and to challenge national creative talents.
We are very proud to have been invited and to be able to present once again a proposal that challenges our perception of sustainable fashion and obtaining resources for this textile industry.

The upcycling of materials will be the new way of facing a world with scarce resources and innovating its use within the textile industry, in this case focusing on the glass from bottles.

It is precisely this new material that sets the standard within our new collection, which we work with @Mosaideko, a jewelry brand specialized in glass upcycling. This collection was designed during the quarantine, where Mozaideko, led by Elena, and us at Eilean, sought to adapt glass pieces into garments. Our intention is to show how something so alien to textiles can not only complement, but also be a key piece in all our garments. That is why this collection is "linked" by glass rings, being essential in the structure of any garment in this collection.

The result? The new resort line that we named after our favorite drink, inspired in turn by the origin of glass. Wait soon for the Kahuama SS21 collection in our online store.

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