Loyalty Brings Rewards

Every brand whether in the fashion or food industry loves loyal customers. But what exactly does it mean to be a loyal customer?

A loyal customer is one that returns time after time to purchase or consume a product, and not only purchases for themselves but also shares the brand with their friends and family so they can get to know the brand too. For example, often when you are loyal customer at a restaurant you know the menu pretty well, you have your favorite dishes, you may be familiar with the staff and you recommend the restaurant to others. Similarly, with fashion brands you may know their style well, have your favorite pieces, buy pieces for friends and family, and you may be familiar with the designers. This type of loyalty to a brand is very special and signifies that you as a consumer really value the quality of the product and the way you experience the brand. Besides you enjoying your experiences with a certain brand, what else can loyalty bring you?

At Eilean Brand we put our customers' needs first in every aspect. When we begin to design a new product line we think about our customers first and foremost. We ask questions such as; what products do our customers need? What type of tops are our customers buying the most? What would our customers like to see in our future designs?

Not only do we think about these questions in our brainstorming meetings, but we also constantly ask our customers directly what they want to see. We are happy to report that we have an amazing relationship with our customers that comes with a lot of mutual communication. Our customers often inspire ideas for our future designs and give us valuable feedback about how we can alter things to improve them. We’ve also had various communications pertaining to certain customers' needs to adjust sizes and measurements to fit them perfectly. Loyalty to Eilean not only means being the first to receive all our updates via our newsletter and social media, but it helps our team get to know you better and create the best products for you. At Eilean Brand we have a wonderful loyalty program that leads to rewards and discounts. 

The first step to our Reward Program is creating an account by entering your email and this way each time you purchase you generate points that will lead to rewards such as discounts. You can also generate reward points by following us on Instagram, Facebook and subscribing to our Newsletter. Another way to generate points is to share our Facebook page to your followers. You can also refer a friend and then you can both benefit from a $200 MXN discount on your purchases. And of course don’t forget to let us know when your birthday is for a special reward.

At Eilean Brand we appreciate your loyalty and we want you to be rewarded for it. So take advanage of our Reward Program and make the most of your experience with us.

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