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Eilean Brand has the honor of being invited to the Galeria Municipal Rosario Sanchez de Lozada for their exposition entitled, Design in Querétaro 2021. This design exposition shined a spotlight on 50 design offices and independent designers that produce in Querétaro, México. Eilean is a fashion brand that not only focuses on products being sustainably and ethically made, but to always have design and beauty at the forefront of our brand.

Eilean Brand exposition 



The curator of the gallery, Monica Montanes, from La Jabonera Centro de Diseño beautifully wrote that, “From the beginning, human beings have had the need to design, be it tools, clothes, symbols, machines. Design has shaped our daily grind, our way of understanding ourselves”. When we look at the world we all see it in different lenses, yet with the beauty of efficient design we can all have a common way to navigate the world. Be it through clothes, cars, or kitchen appliances. 

When we first visited the gallery to set up our pieces, we spoke with the museum curator while we observed a fridge in the middle of the gallery.  At first we were a bit puzzled to see the fridge, but Monica told us that if you think about it, absolutely everything is design. By simply looking at your surroundings you begin to realize that everything created by a human requires an idea, a plan and a vision either for function or for beauty.


That is why design is nothing but beauty; it is a balance between idea and realization, between aesthetics and functionality. It is seen, but it is also lived. It becomes part of our history”.

-Mónica Montañés


Throughout history we have been defined by design and more specifically the evolution of design that is constantly adapting to our reality and our necessities, be they emotional or physical necessities. In Eileans history of design, we have also evolutionized throughout time since our launching as a brand in 2014. Through each year, we have changed design through the use of different sustainable textiles and through our own journeys in fashion and style. A huge marker of a change for the brand was also the pandemic that caused us to change the design of our marketing and relationship with our community. We invested time in our E- Commerce and redesigned our entire website to better suit our clients needs and interests. As Monica wrote, design is a part of our history and it is how we communicate with everyone and everything around us. 

We are grateful to have our display of design surrounded by fellow local designers in our hometown. The exposition at Galeria Municipal Rosario Sanchez de Lozada will be open to the public until October 26, 2021.


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