Black History Month

Did you know that the United States is the first to celebrate Black History Month?

During the month of February, the triumphs and obstacles that Black, and African-descent people have faced throughout history, are celebrated and honored.

As Mexican and Latinx designers, we've felt inspired to dive into the not-so-often-touched (in- latin-spanish-speaking-countries, or at least not in Mexico) -theme of Afro-latinidad, and that's why here we present to you three fashion brands created by Afro-Latinas, which we believe deserve more recognition.

1. Memosa

Memosas is a fashion and digital styling project created by Yaireth Cruz. "Unlike what society has taught us for years, we don't need anyone to feel sexy and secure" she affirms. This brand's concept is based on the choice of three lingerie sets specially selected by herself, recommended on the preferences of each client.

2. Yo Soy Afrolatina

One of the struggles that people of color often face, is the lack of representation in the media. Yo Soy Afrolatina is a brand of sweaters, t-shirts, hats, and other articles characterized by their edgy and chic style, which seeks to acknowledge, celebrate and honor the concept of Afro-latinidad. Bianca Kea, founder and owner of the brand, is a woman who (re)discovered her Latinidad when traveling to her mom's native Mexico, and she's more than willing to change the lack of representation for Black, Latin, and LGBTQ+ belonging women.

3. Miss Balanta

Miss Balanta is a brand created by Colombian turban designer Angélica Castillo Balanta. She is an Afro-activist, Afro-feminist, and opinion leader. "I'm a Black woman that lives to make visible elements that are important for my afro-community, to get to know and understand my origins, and to be able to share them in order to transform the positions and mindsets that are present in my family and community" she declared. "I'm a romantic who intends to protect and make respected the rights of my community as well as mine, to break walls and stereotypes, and to promote closeness between people, to increase empathy and to bring people together in a positive and conscious way, regardless of the color of their skin".


In this year 2022, it's definitely time to acknowledge the talent of the Afro-Latinx community. Let's normalize talking about diverse themes that will provide us of new perspectives, and let's self-educate ourselves in how to demonstrate our support and empathy.



Arianna Ortega @ari_odinson


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