Our Experience as a Brand in NYFW

Few brands can say that they have had the pleasure of bringing their work and the reflection of their culture to an international setting in the fashion industry, and for us it has been a great pride to achieve this goal. On February 8, in what seems like centuries ago, we had the opportunity to present our AW 20-21 collection, which bears the name "Upcycling", at the National Geographic Encounter Ocean Odyssey facilities.

This incredible experience was made possible by the Universo MOLA of Uruguay, a movement that promotes networking, development and scaled recognition of designers and entrepreneurs in the Latin American textile and fashion industry scene. In this wonderful hub of Latin American talent we presented ourselves together with other sustainable fashion designers from all over the continent. To accompany our collection, we collaborated and formed a close friendship with MARTALIA Accesorios from Ecuador and CARRO bags from Argentina.

This way it was possible for us to have shoes on the runway proudly made by Mexican hands of the Caliche brand, one of our favorites. As sustainability is a responsibility for our brand at all times, for the Upcycling collection we had the support of our regenerated cotton textiles from Novabori, who led 90% of the textile proposal.


It goes without saying that, for our brand, this event was a true watershed; it was our first approach to foreign audiences. As active members of our industry, the response from the public and our collaborators overwhelmed us and took us by surprise, not only did the collection stand out for its originality, but we also raised awareness about responsible proposals within the runway.


As an experience, without a doubt, we are left with the conclusion that collaboration between fashion brands will always be responsible for creating strong ties. This collaboration, which we intend to continue carrying out in the near future, is what will create strong ties and generate a real impact on our ultimate mission, which is to create a more sustainable industry.

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