Why Having Less Clothes Makes You More Successful

In recent years, fast fashion has been under the microscope to question its unethical processes, the dubious quality and excessive quantity of its productions and the impact they have on the planet. 

Since ancient times and now more than ever, capsule collections have been one of the best resources for those who do not want to waste too much time thinking about what to wear. But beyond those that are practical, interestingly we find a pattern of behavior between people who are successful in different fields and their relationship with their garments. Read on to find out why successful people have fewer clothes than everyone else. 

Making decisions is easier for you:

There is something called decision fatigue, and it basically means that making all those little decisions from day to day leaves us exhausted and lowers the quality of our decisions. By eliminating any unimportant possibilities, you are more likely to make room in your mind for more important things.

Less stress: 

Let's face it, many times there comes a time when; upon setting foot in the office, we immediately regret our attire. Worrying about whether what you are wearing is "too formal" or "too casual" is a factor you don't need in your schedule. Leave time for the relevant tasks that will make you successful in your career and forget about worrying with a simpler wardrobe. 

You will waste less time: 

One of the activities in which a woman wastes the most time is choosing her wardrobe for the day. And, the more options you have, it seems that it is more difficult to find the correct outfit for the situation. Fewer pieces of clothing means less time, and if you choose the right pieces, the outfit you choose will undoubtedly be a winner. 

Your wallet will thank you: 

By making a conscious decision to limit the amount of clothing in your wardrobe; automatically the expense will be reduced considerably. It is said that, on average, a woman can spend up to 40% of her salary on clothes. If you want to put an end to this figure and start saving in addition to helping your planet, fewer capsule clothes and wardrobes are the right decision. 

Become a true icon:

Last but not least, you should know that when a successful person begins to wear the same type of clothing, he or she immediately becomes an icon that everyone will recognize for their characteristic style. When you create a kind of "uniform" for your personality, it is much easier for people to know that your priorities are well defined, and that you are a person who is determined enough to know what types of clothes they prefer and suits them. 

Now that you know some of the valuable reasons for having fewer clothes in your closet, what are you waiting for to have a capsule wardrobe?






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