Redefining Sexy at Eilean

For years the media and society have tried to sell women and men the idea that being sexy means revealing a lot of skin, being hairless, having huge breasts and a perfect face. In 2021 most of us have rejected this definition of sexy and redefined it to our own standards. At Eilean we have discussed what being sexy means to each of us.

However before we could even open that discussion we had to examine why we even used the word “sexy”, for some of us the word “sensuality” was better aligned to our feeling of looking and feeling good. We realized feeling sensual or sexy does not necesarrily have to do with sex or romance. As feminists and women who have lived through many revolutions as a society, we each have developed our own form of sensuality that is no longer restricted by the media or societies outdated standards.

As a team we came to the conclusion that sexy isn’t just a piece of lingerie, sexy is an attitude. The phrase was coined by our Director of Design, Moni. She believes sexy no longer has a perfect formula that one can sell, and that there are millions of ways to be sexy depending on your perspective. We determind that sexy is an attitude that comes along with feeling good about yourself in anything you’re wearing (or not wearing!). We no longer search for approval in social media or men, we look into ourselves for a feeling of sensuality and happiness.

Many have asked if sustainability has a place in the world of sexy, and at Eilean we say most definitely! For us sustainability is not only a form of fashion, it's a way of life. A sustainable lifestyle can most definitely be sexy and sensual since it's all about your attitude at the end of the day.

Since we have redefined sexy at Eilean, here are a few things that make us feel our best:

I feel sexy when I accomplish goals.

I feel sexy through movement

I feel sexy when I am clean and comfortable.

I feel sexy when I go on adventures.

I feel sexy when I post my selfie.

I feel sexy when I express my personal style.


So finish the sentence for us.

I feel sexy when _____________ .

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