Repurposed Fabrics


  Fashion is a complicated industry involving long and varied supply chains of production, raw materials, textile manufacture, clothing construction, shipping, retail, etc. 

 The textile Industry produces over 400 billions m2 of fabric annually and 60 billion m2 of those, are cutting room floor waste. This means, that a big percentage of good quality textiles are destined to be waste. These fabrics can't be used in the industrial manufactures because they are not enough for an enormous production, those we call Repurposed Fabrics.


In Eilean Organic Couture, #WeCare more about offering you a quality product that makes a positive change in the environment, rather than producing in large quantities (which can usually mean that most goes to waste when the season changes). We rescue those fabrics from different factories and we create beautiful things for you to wear.



So next time you read our “Repurposed” label, you’ll know that you are making a difference, you can also look for “Repurposed” in our search engine and you’ll find all of our variety of products that follow this philosophy, such as our all-time favorite #WeCare Blouse, which is always available with the “No size, Just human” design, but different repurposed fabrics.



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