The Real meanning of PATHE COLLECTION

So long since I wanted to tell everybody the real meaning of the last AW17-18 Collection "PATHE". 

This might be more like the Designer personal story but I want it to write about  it before time runs away. 

Pathe is the name of a community near my grandma's house, a lovely, magical place. This community works with wool looms to manufacture blankets. So since I start working sustainable fashion the origins of actual processes call my attention. I travel to Pathe to meet Marciano Ocampo the last craftsman or "artesano" as we call them in Mexico. Luckily I found him, and he accepted  to teach me the wool loom process. 

We used raw, natural wool and he thought me how he work the loom, his principal craft its "Jorongos" my designs ideas were different of what he used to work but we found a way to achieve it. In my work days with Marciano we found out that  my great-grandfather was his ancle and the wool loom was made in my great-grandfather's workshop. This made me feel how all was connected.  

Then in a coffee talk with a designer friend, the topic came out and she sail "Do you realize what it is? Its a tribute to your ancestors"  I had nave never considered it that way , but It was and when the season came out you could see it. The real meaning of Pathe 

(Telar de lana de Marciano Ocampo)

(Raw Wool)

(The Work)


  • Dzidzi Mexotique

    Cuando el diseño y la tradición se fusionan, rescata la esencia de los pueblos, de sus habitantes. Genial!!!

  • Elia

    I loved that you learned your ancestor tradition of using the wool.

    Es realmente un tributo a tu gente en México. Buscando en grupos cocientes de su impacto en el planeta les encontré.

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