Where do our organic textiles come from?


Our Textiles come from Mexican textile producers that share our philosophy and values. Our products cannot be considered organic, sustainable and ethic, unless all of our supply chain follows these politics.


1. Paperless office.

Both our suppliers and Eilean, we seek to reduce to a maximum the use of paper in our internal affairs and only print when it is the only way, or required. When we use paper, we use recycled paper. Our labels are also made with recycled materials.

2. Electricity.

Our textile producers work in factories designed to use as much as natural light as possible and always unplug any machine that is not at use.

3. Reuse, Recycle and Reduce.

In the office we look to reduce our waste, reuse any leftovers as much as possible and create new items from that.Our textile producers repurpose any fabric leftover and incorporate it to new textiles through the loom.
Our clothing manufacturers work with the least leftovers as possible and give us all of the remains, which we are using to design new products, accessories and even decorate our points of sale.

4. Green.

Our textile manufacturers, are making green roofs in their factories. They make rooftop gardens which reduce CO2 and clean the air in our cities.
We value having plants in our offices, also, when we are selling in events, we seek to decorate with our plants as well and even sometimes giveaway some.

5. Water.

Our Textile producers treat water in the factory, in order to clean it and return it to the environment how it was received by them. In the office we only use water for personal uses, but non of our operational processes use water.

6. Social Programs.

We are developing social programs to make communities better. We are planning our next collection to use crafters from a small community in Mexico that use ancient special techniques with organic wool, in order to support them and help these technics prevail.


Our textile producers, work with communities near Moroleón and Puebla to improve their life quality.

Our clothing manufacturers, produce clothing with leftovers to giveaway in the North part of Mexico during the winter.

Our organic textiles reduce the use of chemicals that damage the ground and are produced by factories that  have eliminated the use of fuel oil from its whole process, reducing to zero their toxic gas emission.

We humans cannot eliminate the use of clothing from our lives, but we can consume wisely. By buying in our store, you are helping the environment, reducing the negative impact you may have in the ecosystems and helping a lot of people keep their jobs.

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