Special Fashion Collaboration

As we work on a sustainable fashion industry, we discover a powerful value: "Collaboration!" we are not just a brand trying to change the way we use fashion. We are part of a community that tries to make a difference in the environmental impact of the industry. 

So yes! we love collaborating with brands that share our values to the core.

We recently met one of our favorite designers, Daniela Bustos Maya, jewelry and home deco brand that uses vintage coins and upcycled cotton for the yarn, made in Yucatan, Merida by fair and ethical trade.

 We worked and collaborated on the dress for her new collection and the result was a very enriching experience. We designed a dress of bamboo linen with three different ways to wear, making a sustainable, fashionable, perfect piece, it even comes with pockets! 

Fashion may always seem to be a competitive industry, but fashion collaboration might be what makes us stronger and takes us further. 



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