Closet Cleanout

This new year calls for a thorough closet cleaning. If you are eager to make this big change but don't know where to start, here are some useful tips to learn how to cleanse your wardrobe and keep the essentials in the most minimalist way possible. 

1. Choose key pieces

Sticking to clothes and accessories that do not make sense in our wardrobe is no longer an option. If you have a repeated piece (like your 6 black tops) or if there's something you just haven't worn in years, it's time to say adios. What will stay with you? Choose pieces that can be key in the making of hundreds of outfits and that you also consider can be used comfortably in any season of the year. 


2. Decide where your discarded pieces will go


When we are getting rid of a garment or accessory its final destination is important. As a consumer, you are also responsible for where the pieces you purchase go. It does not matter if you decide to resell it at a lower price, swap it for another piece with a friend or decide to donate it to a charity; what matters is that you make sure that your clothes see a second life and do not end up being an unnecessary waste. 


3. Make better decisions for the future


Since you are doing your closet cleaning, surely you are going to keep pieces that are in trend now and that you feel you can use for much longer. However, it is also important that along with this closet cleaning, you start making better purchasing decisions from now on. Always remember to check the origin of your garments to ensure that their traceability line is short and preferably local garments, also investigate the composition of the fabric and if they have a fair working method for those who create the garment. 


With these golden rules you will have everything you need to consciously clean your closet and while keeping the planet in mind. 



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