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Evento NTHOKI´ YE una fusión de diseño y tradición en Querétaro

A través de la presente, hacemos comunicado oficial sobre nuestra próxima presentación en pasarela “Querétaro Fashion Show” el día 6 y 7 de Mayo del presente año en conjunto con Secretaría de Cultura del estado de Querétaro. Seremos participe del proyecto y evento “NTHOKI´YE” ( hecho a mano en Otomí ) El evento al que la marca fue invitada tiene como objetivo exponer una colaboración entre artesanos del los municipios de Querétaro y diseñadores de la región. 

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How to Fall in Love with Your Clothes Again

It happens to all of us. We wake up, look at our closet and the feeling of frustrated boredom takes over as our clothes stare back at us. How do we change that feeling and fall back in love with our clothes? The goal is to wake up excited to wear an outfit to get our daily duties done.  Here´s 4 tips on how to bring back the love to our closet: 

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How to have Sustainable and Unique Style in the Era of Fast Fashion

3 tips to achieve unique and sustainable style in the world of fast fashion:     1. Don't shop where everyone else shops If you arrive at your local mall and see a line of people waiting to go into a store, my instinct would be to avoid it at all costs. Although clearly the store is popular among the majority, it wont give you anything truly unique. If you want your style to stand out you have to work a little harder. This can mean saying goodbye to your local mall, unless you need some basic pieces to sustain your closet. In order to find truly unique designs you have to search your local and national designers. The world is full...

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