How to Fall in Love with Your Clothes Again

It happens to all of us. We wake up, look at our closet and the feeling of frustrated boredom takes over as our clothes stare back at us.
How do we change that feeling and fall back in love with our clothes? The goal is to wake up excited to wear an outfit to get our daily duties done. 
Here´s 4 tips on how to bring back the love to our closet: 
  1. Take stock of your closet
Let Marie Kondo inspire you to take out every single piece of your closet. Including your shoes, accessories and you might as well go through all your lingerie too! Lay out each piece on your bed and touch each piece. Yes, literally touch each piece so you can remember what it feels like, why you bought it, and see how it makes you feel now. Through this process you may discover pieces you haven't seen in ages and completely forgot existed. Those pieces deserve some love. Either choose to keep them, give them away, or store them in a bin for a while and come back to it later the next season. Taking full stock of our closet allows us to see what we have to work with and what no longer works. 
  1. Reorganize your closet in a new way
Our eyes can only focus on so many pieces at a time. If your closet has your favorite 4 tops at the forefront then that's probably what you will end up reaching for every day. So, if we want to add variety to our daily outfits we have to change the way we view our closet. Instead of stuffing your special pieces in the back corner of the closet, bring them to the front and allow them to inspire you. If you organize your closet by colors, try something new and organize by use. You can separate pieces for work, fitness, casual, date night etc.. However, don't limit your clothes by only allowing them to live in a certain category. For example, that fabulous dress you bought for a wedding deserves to be seen on the streets again even if there is no wedding. 
  1. Mix unexpected combinations
Sadly the “special occasion” pieces are generally only used once. In order to fall in love with our closet again we need to rethink these special occasion pieces in unexpected ways. The silky slip dress or the cool shoes we bought long ago deserve to be included in our daily outfits. The key is to mix unexpected pieces together. The dress worn once for a wedding can be paired with a cozy sweater or an oversized blazer and sneakers and voilá it's ready for a casual day. By reorganizing your closet and looking through your pieces you will realize you have many more outfit combos than you realize and not just your 5 favorite pieces that you always reach for. On average a closet has at least 20 pieces, imagine the endless combinations with just a bit of creativity. 
  1. No Shopping Challenge 
If you seriously want to fall in love with your clothes again you can't start by shopping for something new. Instead, focus on the amazing pieces you already own and challenge yourself to use them in new and stylish combinations. Surprise yourself by mixing high and low pieces or colors and patterns you never thought would work. If you're at a loss for inspiration look for inspo in fashion magazines, Pinterest or Instagram. Search for pieces you already own and see how others styled them. Challenge yourself for a week or even up to 30 days to not shop and you will surely make all of your clothes feel loved. 

Falling in love with your clothes requires a little creativity and a new way to view them. Not only will you feel good about giving your closet a new life, but your wallet will love you too 😉. 


Crystal Medina Aldana @crystal_medinaaa

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