Zero Waste: Our Mission as a Brand

Much is said about recycling and giving a second life to your clothes and other items, but it is proven that - as in any other cause - the important thing is always to try to prevent reaching the problem instead of having to find solutions to the same. Taking this into account, as a brand we feel that, beyond choosing environmentally responsible textiles and rescuing fabrics that could end up in waste; we have a responsibility to avoid waste as much as possible in each and every area of ​​our company.

How are we a "No Waste" brand? 

To begin with, we take advantage of every last drop of each of the resources that are part of our production process. This starts from a small strip of paper, to the bottom of a tube of glue, and of course taking care of the textile materials that we use in the workshop. 

We work with a new form of design and pattern where our priority is to ensure the maximum use of the rolls of fabric that we use and cut for the creation of our collections. We even have pieces like our Zero Waste Tunic that results in the utilization of 99% of the textile, and our Butterfly Blouse that takes advantage of 100% of the fabric.

And what about those little pieces of fabric that we can't avoid resulting from cutting our garments? 

Simple, we decided to turn them into flirty accessories like our face masks, sleep masks, bandanas and hundreds of scrunchies that you can use to decorate your hair. All these accessories are not only trendy, flirty and very utilitarian, but they are also part of a series of small decisions that in the long run can have a positive impact on our planet in an unimaginable way. 

So the next time you visit our online store, remember that each of the products that are part of our collections are designed not only to be your next favorite piece, but are also designed to be part of the change that we really want to see in our planet. Because we do everything for the love of the planet 🌎

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