Eilean Brand Is 100% Women Run. How We Got Our Start in an Industry Run by Men.

For those new or unfamiliar with Eilean Brand, hello and welcome! Happy International Women's Month and thank you for supporting a business that has been run 100% by women since 2012. 

We are one of the earliest fashion brands focused entirely on sustainable womenswear in Mexico. Our founder and head designer, Beaumaris Eilean Santillan, began pursuing her passion of fashion at the age of 16 in Queretaro, Mexico. Since she was a young girl her grandmother, Rosa, always reminded her that sewing was an essential life skill and began teaching her to create her own clothes. Thanks to her grandmother and her supportive family she was able to continue her journey in the fashion industry. She started out small by creating hair bows for her classmates and selling them. Years later she chose not to attend a traditional college and pursued internships in the fashion industry. Through these years of learning she acquired knowledge of styling, fashion films, design, patterning, and so much more. However, the biggest lesson she learned was that the fashion industry she loved so much was very problematic. 

The fashion industry, at the time of initiating Eilean Brand, was the number two polluter in the world. Currently it stands at number four after petrol. These facts are what motivated Beaumaris to create a sustainable brand that sources all of its textiles locally and produces ethically in Mexico. But pollution and waste were not the only problems she faced in the fashion industry. 

Fashion Revolution reports that “despite accounting for the vast majority of fashion schools’ students, and making up more than 70% of the total workforce in the fashion industry, women hold less than 25% of leadership positions in top fashion companies.” According to a study by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Glamour and McKinsey & Company, “only 14% of major brands are run by a female executive”. These statistics are a sad and ironic reality in an industry that is disproportionately focused on selling to women. Although Beaumaris learned these facts in real time as she navigated the fashion world, she did not let it deter her from pursuing her dream. Her dream consisted of not only creating a sustainable and eco-friendly brand for women, but to create a respectful and ethical culture for women to work and grow. 

According to Latina Republic, “in Mexico, only 19 percent of entrepreneurs are female, and only 1 percent of women have access to monetary resources necessary to starting their business”. These monetary issues cause women led brands to work twice as hard to access the funding they need in order to have a successful business. Eilean Brand has been running for 10 years now and we acknowledge all our blessings and trials that the past 10 years have held. Having an ethical business run 100% by women in 2022 is one of our proudest achievements. We would not have been able to get so far without the help of our families, our female role models and every single amazing customer who chose to buy consciously with us. We are so grateful for the community of women that have supported us and grown with us. 

Through all the adversaries that come with being a woman in business in any industry, we want to remind you that it is not impossible to be successful. We encourage every girl and woman to pursue her dreams and break every barrier put before her. Our impact as women in any industry is valuable and needed. This month is for you, but remember every day of the year is a woman's day.  ❤️


Crystal Medina Aldana @crystal_medinaaa

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