The Human Company Experience

As a human team at Eilean Brand, we only want the best for our clients and we are grateful for your continuous support.  In the past few weeks it came to our attention that a few pieces were sent to our clients with production errors. Each individual who received a piece with an error wrote to us kindly and with understanding that it was a human error. Our gracious clients wrote to us explaining their individual concerns with their orders and we quickly responded and rectified the situation as best we could. Through these human errors we are able to learn and grow as a company. 

This situation also caused us to analyze the errors that occurred during production and how to insure they would not happen again. Being an open and honest company, we would like to give you an insight to what our clothes production process at Eilean Brand looks like. When we say production, we do not mean a factory of dozens of workers, we mean a production team of 4 women working together to bring you the best products.

Our production process begins by Maria Luisa, listening to our clients feedback and what they would like to see in our brand, we then take this feedback and translate it into new product designs. Our head designer and creator, Beaumaris, begins basing the designs on the sustainable textiles we have available. Then after sketches are created in collaboration with our production director, Monica, the design sample process begins. The sample of each piece is created by our seamstress Leito and after the sample is cleared and scaled for multiple sizes the full production begins. We generally produce in house and other times we work with local workshops who work in alignment with our responsibly ethical standards

The global pandemic has also altered the way we produce our pieces. Instead of creating multiple pieces and selling them, we create pieces in real time. This means that when a piece is ordered online we often begin producing that piece in that moment. By doing this we are able to create less waste by only creating pieces that will immediately be sent out to a client and put to use. 


At Eilean Brand we pride ourselves in being a small team of humans that work their hardest to ethically and sustainably create great style pieces for all of you. We appreciate our client community for continuing to support us and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. We’d like to offer you our biggest thank you for continuing to be a part of the Eilean Brand community. 




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