The Visual Evolution of Eilean Brand

Our brand started in 2012 as Beaumaris Eilean's personal project. As it grew it started needing a name and a logo.

At the beginning, the brand was named Eilean Couture and had a provisional logo.

On 2016, Eilean adopted the organic philosophy so the brand became Eilean Organic Couture. This logo was designed by Renata Fonseca (@renatamtzf), a local artist. We loved this logo, because we love to support local artists and because it was very feminine and fun, just as our consumer.

Since December 2016, we started working with Localista Estudio (@localistaestudio) on reconstructing internally our brand to have stronger basis to grow and be a more profitable business.


During this process, we've analyzed our market and where our brand is going, so we decided to take the next step and make our brand more sophisticated, luxury oriented and designed both for men and women.

So while we get to our complete metamorphosis, we are going for a more minimal image.

We are now defining how our brand should visually reinvent, but first we've been working on completely defining Eilean.

What do you think our new image should be? 

Thanks for caring,

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