Tepetate Spring Summer '17 Collection

Tepetate is the name of our Spring Summer 2017 collection!

What does Tepetate mean? It is Spanish for limestone.

This collection is very important for our brand, since it brings a more sophisticated and evolved image for our costumers. This time, we worked with organic loom cotton, bamboo fabrics and organic cotton (read more about our textiles in our #WeCare section).

We used oatmeal, black and white colors to portray organic luxury at its best. This collection is easy to mix and combine while being very versatile.

The theme behind this collection, tries (as all of our collections) to raise awareness about something affecting the environment.

This time it is all about the negative impact of limestone mining, which pollutes water and creates sinkholes. This sinkholes can disrupt underground waterways, changing the natural water table, not only flooding the surrounding area, but adding pollutants to it as well while absorbing water from lakes and ponds.

This mines also alter the ecosystems by deforming mountains and landscapes.

How is this activity controlled in your country?

Maybe we can compare the fashion and textile industry to the limestone mining industry, in which the market demand makes us adopt more and more industrialized processes.


We can make a change by raising awareness, and committing to give accesible organic and sustainable luxury.

You can make a change by investigating, being aware and consuming more natural and organic products, that reduce your environmental impact.

We hope you enjoy our pieces that make allusion to the landscapes created by "Tepetate" mines.

Special thanks to our collaborators! 
-Campaign: Eduardo Luna (@eduardo_lua)
-Product: Juan Carlos Avendaño (@jcafotografia)
-Helena Kato (@helena_kato)
-Cristina Ramella (@cristinaramellaofficial)
-Her: Olga Kulichenko for New Icon Models (@olga_kulichenko)
-Him: Alejandro Renteria for New Icon Models (@alejorrente)
-Her: Nancy Torrija (@ntorijaf)
-Him: Alejandro Cáceres (@alejandrocb_)
Production process:
-Central de Diseño @centraldedisenoqro
(Thank you Emmanuel, Rosy and Leo!)


Thanks for caring,


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