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Comfy is Here to Stay

Actualmente, a medida que el mundo comienza a regresar lentamente a un sentido anterior de normalidad, no olvidemos lo bien que nos sentimos con nuestra ropa comfy en casa. Y no sólo nos sentimos bien, sino que también nos vemos geniales.

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Becoming A Minimalist Starting From Your Wardrobe

Lately we've been noticing how the minimalist movement has grown. Minimalism is a lifestyle that brings numerous benefits you your life and to your impact in the environment. If you are interested in adopting a more minimalist lifestyle, we hope this information helps you. We've found it easier to start taking small steps into simplifying your life, rather than making a radical change all at once.  So let's start from your wardrobe: We will make our closet minimalist in 4 simple steps including planing, cleaning, replacing and repeating.  This process is emotionally very hard but highly rewarding! The goal is to have a simple wardrobe with only clothes that you'll actually wear.  This will benefit you in your daily life...

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